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Located in the Urban core of Albir, just 15 minutes walk from the beach, this new construction home with great personality seek to dialogue with the light in each and every one of their points through their design and correct orientation.

Inside, the house is configured in a single continuous space of 83m2 without interruptions, this allows the living room, dining room and kitchen to be connected and correctly illuminated by the window that connects with the main terrace facing South-East, in which there is the pool.

The different spaces also communicate vertically through the double height above the dining room, which generates a magnificent spatial sensation and helps the light to cross the house from one end to the other, until it meets the backyard, which allows a total cross ventilation of the ground floor.

We also find on the ground floor a covered garage, toilet and laundry room, all of them with a direct connection to the outside.

Through the continuous staircase with a central stringer and wooden cantilevered steps, you can access the first floor, where we find a distributor that opens at double height over the dining room and leads to three bedrooms, all of them have spacious space (2 bedrooms of 24m2 and 1 bedroom of 15m2), integrated bathroom, natural and cross ventilation, custom wooden cabinets with lacquered doors to give continuity to the walls and direct connection with the main terrace facing south-east.

From the outside service staircase you can access the roof, where there is a 90m2 solarium from which you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Serra Gelada and the Puig Campana and take advantage of the unbeatable climate that characterizes the area.

The house also has a 90m2 basement with natural lighting and ventilation, in which a room of facilities is located and offers infinite possibilities to future owners.

The exterior of the house is intended to be the vegetal setting in which to implant, offering the house an interior oasis and generating its own ecosystem. The different tapestries made of ceramic flooring, grass and wooden slats differentiate the different uses on the same level in a subtle way.
The pool fits into the width of the house and has the properties to be a pool for sports and recreational use. In the outdoor area there is a part of the terrace recessed 1m with respect to the house that illuminates the basement and generates a space with a greater component of privacy.


Torre de Cristal, Four Tower Business Area,
Paseo de la castellana 259C, Planta 18
28046 Madrid, Spain

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